Hot Oil Boiler

Hot oil boilers of Azarakhsh are manufactured with a capacity of 100,000 to 5,000,000 Kcal/h in three-pass type and high-efficiency in two models of horizontal and vertical.

  • All sheets used in constructing made of DIN17155-17MN4 refractory steel sheet. This sheet is used in making hot oil boilers and has a high tensile strength.
  • All tubes used are made of seamless refractory steel and in accordance with the standard DIN17175-ST35.8.
  • The whole welding operations are performed by welders holding accreditation certificate based on WPS and PQR approved by the Standards Organization.
  • All consumable electrodes are of the type E7018 and preheat of 300 °C, and the main welding is done with automatic submerged welding machine.
  • The whole welding process is controlled by a team of quality control using methods of MT (Magnetic particles), UT (Ultrasonic), and RT (Radiography).
  • After being assembled, the boiler is tested with a hydrostatic pressure equal to 1.5 times the design pressure. It is finally insulated with at least 100 mm thick rock wool and coated with stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 1 mm.
  • Providing a complete package of hot oil boilers (including burner, circulation pump, feed pump, expansion tank, feed tank, etc.) is possible.

Advantages of hot oil boiler: Using hot oil boilers (unlike hot water or steam boilers), it is possible to achieve a high temperature at low working pressure. The operation temperature of hot oil boiler operation is usually between 150 to 300 °C. Some advantages of hot oil system over hot water or steam system are as follows:

  • Providing high temperature and Low working pressure.
  • No sediments, resulting in heat transfer not decreasing over time.
  • No need for equipment such as softeners, deaerators, condensate tanks, etc.
  • No corrosion due to the chemical structure of thermal oil.
  • No risk of frost when the device is turned off.
  • More convenient use as well as less, easier maintenance.
  • Longer life and higher safety and reliability.

It should be noted that due to the high operating temperature of hot oil boilers, observing safety principles is of very high importance in their design and manufacture. Any neglect of their technical complexities and safety principles can cause great physical and financial damages.

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