About Us

Azarakhsh manufacturing company(boilers and steam boilers) under management of Mr. Mohamad mehdi shahri and the cooperation of Dr H Habibollahi(holder of Ph.D in mechanical engineering from Liverpool university, England) as technical adviser, obtained the necessary permissions from the ministry of industry and was registered in 1376(registration number 12651). All the products consist of steam boilers, domestic and commercial water boilers and industrial heaters are designed by specialists and finished by a team of well trained welders. This company is a member of heating & cooling Society of Iran and all its products carry standard and quality control certificates from Nazer Karan company. For the first time in Iran, this company has designed and produced different types of boilers with coal as fuel with the view to export to the neighboring countries and at the present time the factories in Heart(Afghanistan) are using this type of boilers due to saving of 85% compared to ordinary fuel. The company also produces centrifugal fans with forward and backward blades.